A collaborative platform to build and organize ideas
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The VentureHelm Business Strategy Platform is a toolkit for innovators to develop their business strategy in a bottoms-up decentralized way.


Next Level Collaboration

Users can develop a business model that is easily accessed and admired by their entire support network. From team members to teachers, advisors to accelerators now everyone can contribute through our structured platform.

Timely Insight

Gain a better understanding of every user's business model by witnessing their growth and learning first hand. never feel out of the loop as you can be assured that the model you are reviewing is the most current and update.

Thorough Documentation

Never lose track of the valuable notes and insight shared with users ever again. All advice and commentary is carefully stored and easily accessed for future reference. Identify key learning points that contribute to pivots, developments, and important business discoveries.



Business models have never been easier to assess.

Manage all of your student entrepreneurs from one convenient dashboard


Its time to work smarter not harder

Structured guidance from your trusted network


Track metrics across all of your entrepreneurs

Dynamically connect all mentors and advisers in a truely collaborative process


Become more engaged in every step of the process

collaboratively review entrepreneurial progress

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